La Grande, Oregon Incentives

There are several incentives offered for existing and new businesses expanding in La Grande, Oregon. The City of La Grande Urban Renewal Agency facilitates many of these grants. The information on these incentives, along with the applications and appropriate forms, can be found on this page. Contact us for further information and to discover which incentives are right for your business. 


$$$ Call for Projects Grant Program

The call for projects grant program is designed to direct financial resources within the Urban Renewal District to revitalize the La Grande Central Business Zone. The Agency also invests in public/private development partnerships throughout the District, including in the development of commercial and industrial projects that create jobs within the Zone. We encourage property owners and businesses to apply for grant funding.

$$$ Traded Sector Business Attraction Incentive Program

The Traded Sector Business Attraction Incentive Program is designed to provide cash incentives to attract new high-quality jobs, businesses, and investment from outside of Union County into La Grande's Urban Renewal District. The cash incentive is available to qualifying businesses who are creating jobs within the District, with a special focus on businesses operating within the La Grande Business & Technology Park. 

$$$ Urban Renewal Funding Opportunities

Here is a list of financial incentives that are available within La Grande's Urban Renewal District. Businesses are invited to apply for cash incentives.