Target Industries

Businesses of all types and sizes benefit from being located in La Grande. With the right location, available space and a ready workforce, businesses have the tools they need to succeed. In addition, our location near the mountains, forests and streams makes this an ideal place for Remote Workers, Entrepreneurs, Outdoor Gear & Apparel companies, Forestry and Wood Products businesses, and Advanced Manufacturing companies to grow.

"Ignite provided office space and a connection to La Grande as I transitioned to my new life as a remote worker.  It’s a wonderful co-work space that made it possible for me to keep my job located in Seattle and work remotely from La Grande."

– John Briney

Remote Workers

La Grande is the ideal location for remote workers seeking a high quality of life and affordable cost of living. As workplace expectations have shifted to include remote work, many people from metros like Seattle, Portland and Boise are choosing the call Eastern Oregon home. La Grande is a regional hub for retail, healthcare and education, making it the perfect city to move to. With Eastern Oregon University calling the city home, there are cultural and educational opportunities here that rival a bigger city, but in a small town atmosphere. From families seeking a safe and friendly city to raise their kids to millennials searching for outdoor adventure to retirees looking for a comfortable lifestyle, La Grande is the destination of choice for remote workers.


LaGrande, Oregon offers entrepreneurs the support they need to launch and grow their businesses. Eastern Oregon University has pioneered an entrepreneurship in agriculture program that helps agricultural students to bridge the gap between production and business knowledge. In addition, the Ignite Entrepreneurship Center provides coworking space, places to make connections and resources. These assets combined with a low cost of doing business in a beautiful outdoor setting, make LaGrande a destination for entrepreneurs.

Outdoor Gear and Apparel

The outdoor gear and apparel industry is growing in the United States, and consumers are looking to embrace authentic brands. Outdoor gear and apparel is growing faster than other retail segments and is likely to continue as people embrace and active and healthy lifestyle.

A location in Northeast Oregon in the middle of mountains and valleys gives businesses a deeper connection with nature, with how their products will be used and the customers who enjoy them. This is a strategic advantage for any business in the outdoor gear & apparel industry.

Forestry and Wood Products

Oregon is the largest lumber producer in the U.S. With 30.5 million acres of forestlands, about 50% of the total landmass of the state is covered in forest. An internationally-recognized leader in wood product manufacturing, Oregon combines accessible raw materials with cutting-edge innovation to produce a diverse range of high quality, value-added wood products that are exported to every corner of the globe.

Oregon is known worldwide for its high quality softwoods, predominantly, Douglas fir, Oregon's official state tree. Most Oregon logs are purchased by wood product manufacturers in Oregon. As a result, demand for logs is tied to demand for wood products. Oregon's timber harvest today comes primarily from private timberlands. In 2014, 79% of Oregon's timber harvest came from private lands. Some logs from private lands are exported, but that market represents a very small share of total logs harvested in Oregon.

Oregon is home to many leading wood and paper product manufacturers, including Weyerhaeuser, Georgia-Pacific, Roseburg Forest Products, and The Collins Companies. We invite you to join them by moving your business to La Grande, Oregon.